5.5HP Helical Gearbox Geared Motor with Hollow Shaft

5.5HP Helical Gearbox Geared Motor with Hollow Shaft

Shaft Mounted CZPTcal Geared Motor Gearbox

1&time period CZPTcal equipment motor

two&interval Parallel helical geared motor

3&interval Shaft mounted helical gear reducer


one&period Housing with tendon are manufactured of solid iron to get large strenth and fine warmth loss

two&interval Gears is produced of forge metal&comma concluded with fuel carburising procedure and precise grounting to get substantial precise&comma higher effectiveness

three&period Carburized gears are sturdy and hugely correct

four&interval Substantial overload potential and lowered sounds

five&interval Transmission ratios are finely categorized with millions of distinct mixtures to fulfill the diverse needs of the clients

6&time period Models&colon 10 models ranging from F37 to F157

7&period Framework&colon foot-mounted with the hollow shaft&comma foot-mounted can omit&rpar&comma flange mounted&comma flange mounted with hollow shaft


it is most ideal for utilizing in automatic production strains of ceramics&comma beverages&comma foodstuff&comma bundle&comma electronics&comma leather tHangCZPT&comma chemical&comma textile&comma carpentry and other industries&period


Single stage       R17&comma R27&comma R37&comma R47&comma R57&comma R67&comma R77&comma R87&commaR97&comma R107&comma R137&comma R147&comma R167
Ratio 1&period3-289&period74
Electricity charge    &period12-160kW
Output torque       four&period83-1076rpm
Output speed 4&period83-1076rpm
Installation  type             Foot mounted&comma flange mounted&comma foot and flange-mounted&comma one-stage foot-mounted&comma one-phase flange-mounted
Lubricant VG220
High quality guarantee CZPTy machine is analyzed ahead of sending

5.5HP Helical Gearbox Geared Motor with Hollow Shaft