China Best Sales 2500W 2500rpm 2.5kw Sychronous Servomotor Electric Motor QC7g-132625A near me factory

Merchandise Description

Sychronous Brushless DC servo motor


★ Tiny/Middle/Higher Inertia
★ Embedded CZPT Rotor
★ Higher electricity density with smaller size
★ Strong overload capability
★ High performance and low fever
★ Reduced ripple torque


Models QC7G-132625A
Rated Energy PN W 2600
Poles P pair five
Rated voltage V VAC 220
Rated Torque  MN N·m 10
Peak Torque  Mmax N·m thirty
Rated Velocity nN r/min 2500
Peak Velocity nmax r/min 2700
Rated Current  IN A 11
Peak Current  Imax A 33
Rotor Inertia Jm kg.m²×10-4 23 (24)
Brake Torque N·m >15
Brake Energy W 19.5
Brake Voltage VDC 24V±5%
Brake present A .eight
Fat Kg .6           (.thirteen)
Feedback 2500ppr /absolute /Resolver
Isolation Class F(155ºC)
High voltage take a look at AC 1500V 60S
Isolation resistance DC 500V   >20MΩ

Application Fields:
★ Robot Sector ★ Foodstuff equipment ★ Cellular AGV
★ Device instrument feed system ★ Computerized production lines ★ Semiconduct business equipments
★ Textile equipment ★ Intelligent storage equipment ★ Lithium battery products
★ Packaging machinery ★ CZPT sorting technique ★ Specific computerized equipment
★ Health-related products ★ Gate equipment  


Polyphase motors can be possibly two-section or 3-period motors. They perform like solitary-period induction motors, but the two single-stage and polyphase motors function on a rotating magnetic discipline. Their rotating magnetic fields are produced by two- or a few-period currents passing via two or more sets of coils. The rotating magnetic discipline generates torque. Polyphase motors are utilised in applications that call for higher power, such as the electricity drive of compressors, hydraulic pumps, air conditioning compressors, and irrigation pumps.
An AC motor is a frequent variety of electric motor that is pushed by alternating recent. As the most efficient useful motors for each day industrial programs (as nicely as hobbyist assignments, household products, and all other specialist products and buyer goods), AC motors provide a relatively efficient strategy of creating mechanical energy from a simple electrical input signal.

China Best Sales 2500W 2500rpm 2.5kw Sychronous Servomotor Electrical Motor QC7g-132625A     close to me manufacturing facility