China Custom 220V 400W 0.4kw 60mm Frame Size Servo Motor QC7j-060430A with Great quality

Item Description

Sychronous Brushless DC servo motor


★ Modest/Middle/Higher Inertia
★ Embedded CZPT Rotor
★ High electricity density with smaller dimension
★ Powerful overload potential
★ Higher performance and low fever
★ Lower ripple torque


Software Fields:
★ Robotic Market ★ Meals equipment ★ Cell AGV
★ Machine tool feed program ★ Automatic generation strains ★ Semiconduct sector equipments
★ Textile equipment ★ Clever storage tools ★ Lithium battery tools
★ Packaging machinery ★ CZPT sorting method ★ Special computerized machinery
★ Health care tools ★ Gate gear  


Models QC7J-060430A
Rated Electricity PN W 400
Poles P pair 5
Rated voltage V VAC 220
Rated Torque  MN N·m 1.27
Peak Torque  Mmax N·m three.82
Rated Velocity nN r/min 3000
Peak Velocity nmax r/min 6000
Rated Current  IN A 3.three
Peak Current  Imax A 9.nine
Rotor Inertia Jm kg.m²×10-four .56  (.fifty nine)
Brake Torque N·m >1.7
Brake Electricity W 9.6
Brake Voltage VDC 24V±5%
Brake recent A  
Bodyweight Kg one.3(1.8)
Feedback 2500ppr /absolute /Resolver
Isolation Course F(155ºC)
High voltage test AC 1500V 60S
Isolation resistance DC 500V   >20MΩ

AC motors and gear motors contain single-period motors for one-period AC electrical power and 3-period motors for three-period AC electrical power. A single-phase motor just needs to be linked to a solitary-stage energy provide by way of the integrated capacitors to operate. A few-period motors do not demand capacitors. You simply link the motor directly to the a few-period AC power provide. Dongfang Electric gives a broad selection of AC motors and equipment motors Constant or variable speed AC motors are obtainable with one or a few-period gear and electromagnetic braking options
DC motors use strength from batteries or other creating resources that offer a constant voltage. A DC motor is composed of several parts, the most famous of which consist of bearings, shafts, and gearboxes or gears. DC motors provide greater velocity variation and control and generate a lot more torque than AC motors. The two kinds of DC motors include Brushed motors: Brushed motors are one of the oldest types and are internally commutated motors driven by DC existing. A brushed motor consists of a rotor, brushes, and a shaft. The charge and polarity of the brushes management the path and speed of the motor. Brushless Motors: In recent a long time, brushless motors have become common for many programs, largely due to the fact of their efficiency. Brushless motors are built in the same way as brushed motors, minus the brushes of system. Brushless motors also incorporate dedicated circuitry to management velocity and route. In brushless motors, magnets are mounted about the rotor, an performance-boosting configuration.

China Custom 220V 400W 0.4kw 60mm Frame Size Servo Motor QC7j-060430A     with Great quality