China Hot selling 24mm 12VDC 4000RPM REACH Brushless DC Motor with Driver FL24CBL-IE wholesaler

Product Description

FL24CBL-IE (Series)

– ( Dimensions )  

( General Technical specs )   (Electric powered Connection)
( Winding Kind ) ( Star link) Kind Colour Capabilities
( Corridor Effect Angle ) 120 ( Electrical Angle of a hundred and twenty degree)
( Radial Enjoy ) .571 UL1430 AWG26 (Yellow )   ( Vcc )
( Axial Enjoy ) .2-.five ( Black )   ( GND )
( Max radial drive ) 5N  10mm ( 10mm From the flange) (White) (Rotating Path)CW/CCW
( Max axial force ) 2N
( Dielectric Power )  300VAC/1min ( Environmentally friendly ) PWM(Pace Handle)
( Insulation Resistance ) 100MΩ, 500VDC
( Ambient Temperature ) -25°C ~ +55°C ( Blue) (Tacho out)
(Insulation Class) Class 

 (Electrical Requirements)



 ( Amount of poles )


 ( Amount of phases )   3
( Rated  voltage )         VDC twelve
( Rated torque)        mN.m
( Steady stall torque) mN.m six.8
( Rated pace )          RPM 4000
( Rated power )         W 2.four
( CZPT torque )           mN.m
( CZPT existing )         A .9
( Line to line resistance )               ohms@20ºC 7.3
( Line to line inductance )               mH
( Torque continual )         


( Back again EMF )           Vrms/KRPM 1.forty eight
( Rotor inertia )           g.cmtwo two.three
( Motor length )       L mm thirty.eight
( Fat )               Kg .04

The motor can be developed &made with custom-made request.

DC motors use energy from batteries or other making resources that provide a consistent voltage. A DC motor is composed of several parts, the most renowned of which contain bearings, shafts, and gearboxes or gears. DC motors provide greater pace variation and handle and produce much more torque than AC motors. The two varieties of DC motors contain Brushed motors: Brushed motors are 1 of the oldest kinds and are internally commutated motors driven by DC current. A brushed motor is made up of a rotor, brushes, and a shaft. The cost and polarity of the brushes handle the course and velocity of the motor. Brushless Motors: In modern a long time, brushless motors have turn out to be popular for many programs, mainly due to the fact of their efficiency. Brushless motors are built in the exact same way as brushed motors, minus the brushes of program. Brushless motors also contain focused circuitry to management velocity and direction. In brushless motors, magnets are mounted close to the rotor, an effectiveness-boosting configuration.
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China Hot selling 24mm 12VDC 4000RPM REACH Brushless DC Motor with Driver FL24CBL-IE     wholesaler