China Hot selling Hot Sale Dental Equipment Coxo Soco C-Puma Int+ Electric Motor Built in LED Brushless Electric CZPT Motor for Preparation with Hot selling

Merchandise Description

Brushless LED electrical CZPT motor COXO C-PUMA INT + constructed in for dental chair device

Features :

one, Basic functioning method

Link the dental unit to the C-PUMA with a 4 holes tubing , use the foot pedal to manage the electric motor

two. The new gen of technology CZPT motor C-PUMA INT+

In accordance to the diverse remedies and diverse handpieces , the velocity can be modified from a hundred-200.000rpm/min

3. Compact and handy , substantial torque

Ergonomic created duration and weight tremendously minimize the exhaustion from prolonged time procedure , the motor can be sterilized. 

4. Wide viewing angle coloration Lcd screen 

5. Huge measurement coloration Lcd, Abundant data display .

6.Touch essential control , effortless to use .

7. Created in , management panel can be effortlessly put in at any angle 

8. Pneumatic/ guide commence immediately switch 

nine. Created in 7 system memory 

ten.Custom made the air pressure of starting up motor 

11, LED lighting hold off-off time is adjustable 

twelve. Pace, steering can be modified

thirteen, The motor can be autoclaved . 


Advantages :

Almightly collocation aids you very easily solve all sorts of intraoral treatment method and additional oral denture restoration , aiding you total a lot more than ninety% of the function


Technological parameters

Enter Energy AC 24V
Maximum torque
Speed selection ( 1:5 ) 10000-200000 rpm
LED greatest > 25000 lux
Motor can be sterilized a hundred thirty five diploma
Motor diameter  twenty.6mm
Suit 16:1/ 1:1 /1:5 contra angle




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China Hot selling Hot Sale Dental Equipment Coxo Soco C-Puma Int+ Electric Motor Built in LED Brushless Electric CZPT Motor for Preparation     with Hot selling