China Professional Permanent CZPT 24V-48V Brushless DC BLDC Motor with Hot selling

Solution Description

Permanent CZPT 24V-48v Brushless DC BLDC Motor

Merchandise Attributes
Protection quality:IP65, insulation grade:F
Winding overhang structure optimization, to reduce the copper reduction and iron loss minimization, small volume, gentle weight, low temperature increase, higher effectiveness
Super substantial coercivity, the highest CZPT strength product NdFe35 permanent CZPT materials, strong resistance to demagnetization, motor performance is stable.
Reduced sounds, reduced vibration, low second of inertia.
Large torque, rapidly dynamic response, broad velocity range, strong overload capacity (4 times)

*Substantial Torque to inertia ratio&up to 25000Nm/kgm²
*Rapidly dynamic response *time constant <20ms
*Vast pace modifying&feedback up to 1000:one
*Constant velocity precision up to .5%
*Large overload,2Mn/30s,3.5N.m/10s
*Little volume and mild
*Silent,the cheapest noise is only 45dB(A)
*Secured with IP65,Class F insulation
Sector course
1.The altitude need to be in excess of one thousand meters above sea stage
two.Environment temperature:+5ºC~+40ºC
three.The month typical tallest relative humidity is 90%,at the same the month common most affordable temperature is significantly less than 25

Product KY80AS404-fifteen
Electrical power 400W
Velocity 1500RPM
TORQUE two.55N.M
Software AGV Robot,Fire Robotic,Electric Car


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China Professional Permanent CZPT 24V-48V Brushless DC BLDC Motor     with Hot selling