High Rpm 12V DC Motor for Refrigerator

High Rpm 12V DC Motor for Refrigerator

shaded pole fan motor with blade

    • Sort: Refrigerator Components
    • Location of Origin:  China (Mainland)
    • Model Identify: RETEK
    • Problem: New
    • For: refrigeration
    • AC voltage: one hundred-240V
    • Stage: single phase
    • Frame: C frame
    • defend: thermal protector

HangCZPT Retek CZPT Inc is a professional company of Refrigeration condenser, evaporator, filter drier, obtain valve and motor.

For motor, which includes the AC solitary-stage shade pole motors,BLDC motor and connected electrical merchandise like ten hundreds of thousands of shade pole motors and 2 millions of BLDC motors.The primary products are a variety of of shade pole motor, BLDC motor,axial

flow fan,cross stream supporter and ,shade pole motor pump which utilized for home appliances, such as for kitchen and bathroom,health care products,industrial machinery and and many others.


And in modern a long time, we also designed BLDC motor for new house appliances which are higher power-preserving and make the firm creating quicker.

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High Rpm 12V DC Motor for Refrigerator